Many tenants wrongly assume that in the event of a disaster, the landlord’s insurance will cover their property. In most circumstances, that is not the case. New group renter’s program helps brokers and agents fill a glaring market need.

Risk Management: An Ounce of Prevention

Rand Silver doesn’t just know art collections, he knows how to protect them from loss. From art to wine to jewelry, here Silver, national director, art collection management, for the Private Client Group at American International Group (AIG) in New York City provides...

Walk the Line

About 80 percent of Canadians live within 100 miles of the United States border. That proximity, coupled with a strong Canadian dollar and a slow-recovering U.S. real estate market, has created opportunity for growth in the high-net-worth market.

Unlock the Family Office

Nearly every commercial insurance agent has them. Often, they’re hiding in plain sight, right inside a business operation. Their structures may vary, but the ingredients are often similar: family members, a business, money — and plenty of risk.